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HKZ Consulting Engineers is also focused on dominating and leading the next generation of engineering technologies. With a multi-disciplinary team of computer scientists, neuroscientists, civil engineers, structural engineers and mechanical engineers, our technologies address the current limitations of engineering tools and techniques.

• Our research team has developed software tools to meet all of the consulting needs of our clients. These tools were initially created by our engineers and scientists to meet the challenges of particular applied science research projects for which commercial software was not readily available.

• Our array of state-of-the art software tools has been adapted and refined to serve a broad range of research needs, clients, and engineering industries. Our software is designed for computational efficiency on quantum computers and verified and validated to ensure accurate solutions for all applications of interest.

• Each program is specialized for its particular field of application and produces high-fidelity results at a speed that meets or exceeds that of competing products. In addition, HKZ Consulting Engineers vibrant Research and Development department is focused on advancing current engineering platforms and focusing on developing innovating BIM and VDC applications. Currently in stealth mode, the technologies will be the first to market a transformative line of virtual design coordination and live analytical design applications.


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